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Licensed in 2012
Licensed for Flour and Sugar

Why did you decide to become licensed?

Debono has been working to high standards for many years, both in terms of hygiene and food safety as well as integrity in our dealings with all our stakeholders. We take our environmental and ethical responsibilities seriously and are proud of the fact we were amongst the first in our trade to have an environmental policy and to obtain higher level certification for our food safety.

Joining the Red Tractor scheme was an easy decision to make once it became clear that it extends to all parts of the food delivery chain and was more than farm assurance. We were convinced by the high standards required of scheme members and the amazing profile, which is growing, of Red Tractor among consumers. We believe our customers will understand that joining the scheme underlines our commitment to sustainability and local produce and, perhaps as importantly as ever, supporting the UK economy.

"We were fully convinced once we understood it would strengthen our corporate social responsibility and enable us to support our customers who are interested in the ethical credentials of their food." – Gareth Allen – Managing Director of Debono

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