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Dreaming of dairy? These new jobs are the cream of the crop

Added 10 Nov 2017

The Department of Dairy-Related Wholesome Affairs seeks hopefuls to fill coveted new positions.

What if you could get paid real money for eating cheese, talking about butter or even Instagramming your ice cream? Well now you can thanks to the newly created Department of Dairy-Related Wholesome Affairs (DDRWA)* - yes it’s a thing.
The DDRWA has been established to celebrate all things Dairy and remind people of the wholesome, healthy goodness of cheese, butter, yogurt, milk … in fact anything dairy. To aid in its mission, the Department has today announced that it is recruiting six wholesome and passionate dairy-lovers who will be paid to champion their ‘Dairy-Related’ love.

The jobs available are:
  • Minister for Milk
  • Director of Cheese (Hard)
  • Director of Cheese (Soft)
  • Chief Yogurt Officer
  • Ice Cream Cone-oisseur
  • Head of Butter
The full job descriptions can be found here.
The Department has issued a short video calling for applications that can be watched, downloaded and embedded from here.
All six positions are for a three-month contract with a generous package including dairy benefits. To be eligible, a passion for dairy is a strict requirement, with successful applicants taking on the role of promoting their selected category.
To apply, candidates need to submit one image that they think celebrates their joy of dairy, along with a short paragraph (no more than 200 words) on their dedication to dairy.
* The Department of Dairy-Related Wholesome Affairs is a campaign by the Dairy Market Development Forum, a joint venture between AHDB and Dairy UK.
Minister for Milk
You will be a hard-working individual excited about the joy of cow’s milk, whether it’s of the green, red, blue or gold top variety.  You will be expected to leverage your influence to highlight the wholesome joy of milk, and help people rediscover one of dairy’s simple pleasures. If you have a latte love to offer milk, then get applying.

Director of Cheese (Hard)
You can be as mature as cheddar or as joyously young as a creamy Lancashire for this role. Whether pimping up your mac ‘n’ cheese or stuffing your fajitas full of cheesy goodness, you’ll be committed to raising awareness of the unique qualities hard cheese has to offer.  Whilst this role is dedicated to hard cheeses, you will need to have the collaborative abilities to do ‘grate’ work with your colleague in the mirror role, Director of Cheese (Soft). Please see below.

Director of Cheese (Soft)
You will have an appreciation for the nuanced challenge of a role that involves educating the public about the joy of soft cheese, from cracker pairings to spreading tactics. Please note that this role is not limited to helping the Department progress in its efforts to celebrate and showcase the wholesome joy of soft cow’s cheese: if you are a fan of soft cheeses made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, then we, as an equal opportunities employer, would also love to hear from you.

Chief Yogurt Officer
You will have a clear understanding of and passion for yogurt, and will not discriminate between frozen and unfrozen versions of this wholesome food. This role will challenge you to take the lid off the yogurt market, mixing consumption experience with flavour fanaticism to encourage people to indulge in a dollop of yogurt goodness.

Ice Cream Cone-oisseur
Whether you’re 7 or 70, there’s no fun more wholesome than a lick of real dairy ice cream. So no age limits here. If you prefer the real thing to a whipped-up imposter, we want to hear from you.  You will know all about the latest flavour trends, but you won’t be distracted by gimmicks like sprinkles and sauces (though fans of flakes are encouraged).  For you, it’s all about the ice and the cream. And the cone.

Head of Butter
This senior role provides countless opportunities to spread a love of butter across the bread that is Great Britain.  You will understand intuitively the challenge in encouraging people to reappraise butter as more than just a cooking and baking ingredient. You will bring fresh ideas and a sense of fun to your team, as well as an incisive strategic streak that will cut through the day-to-day like a knife through, well, you know the rest.
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