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How to Join

Becoming a Red Tractor Licensee is simple. Our guide will list all the essential steps to follow in applying for a license. 

Step 1


Create an account as a new licensee HERE

Step 2


Enter your details (company, invoicing, sales and marketing).

Step 3


Enter your supplier’s details, either from the RT Database or add manually. If you are adding manually and are unsure if your supplier is a licensee, please contact us and we will be able confirm this for you.

Step 4


List all sites that will be using the RT Logo – canteens, restaurants, cafes etc. If you have several sites, you can import your list using the Download import option.

Step 5


Enter the Sales Value of the RT products you are trading.

Step 6


Tick ‘Yes’ if you require plaques then select the number of plaques and addresses they should be sent to (you will be invoiced separately for plaques).

Step 7


Click on Declaration, check the details you have entered are correct, tick the Terms and Conditions box to indicate that you agree and submit the application.


Once you have submitted your application and it has been approved you will receive a pro-forma invoice. When payment has been processed, you will be able to download your Certificate.


The license is valid until the 31st December – you will be invited to renew a few weeks before the expiry date. If joining mid-year your fee will be prorated.

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